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Quran Memorization

Nazra is to read the Holy Quran verbally, without translation and memorization and Hifz is the memorization of the Holy Quran by heart. Hifz course is particularly designed for those who has already taken Nazra-e-Quran, but you may took this course depending upon the student’s capability. These courses include

- Tajweed (Pronunciation of Holy Quran with the rules of Tajweed) 
- Training of five time daily Prayers. 
- Method of Ghusal, Wudhu, Funeral and Eid Prayers. 
- Memorization of various Duas and Surahs for Nazra Students. 
- Basic Aqaa'id, Fiqh, Islamic History, Sunnah, Etiquettes, Halal & Haram etc.

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